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Flames Of War — Refighting the Battle of Ia Drang

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Ia DrangIf you missed Wargames Illustrated Issue 266 you are in luck. WI has now posted all of the Vietnam material from that issue on its site. So if you can manage to get your hands on the miniatures you will have all you need to fight Vietnam battles with Flames of War.

They also posted a Vietnam Color Guide and the scenario re-creating the Battle of Ia Drang itself.

New 15mm European Village Set Coming Soon

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Wargames Illustrated #268As indicated a year ago, Battlefront has a new 15mm European Village set in the works for its Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a Box series. The recent issue of Wargames Illustrated (issue 268 – February 2010) gives a nice description on page 54,

These buildings come in a multitude of different styles and textures, including a corner store building…Included in these samples were various village wall sections…The buildings and walls come out of the box pre-painted and each level of the building is removable.

The article has a number of pictures of the buildings and walls and they do indeed look great. This will be an excellent set and a must get for 15mm European front gamers.

The Best Games Not Yet Published, 2010

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Another new year, another new set of games and miniatures to lust after! It is time for our annual look at the games and miniatures we are most anxiously awaiting in 2010. Our 2009 prognostications did pretty well so here we go again. As always, there is no guarantee any of these titles will be published in 2010, nor that they will be any good if they are, but we are optimistic. Read the rest of this entry »

Flames of War Releases — 2010

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fow-river-forkBattlefront announced a truck load of upcoming releases for Flames of War. They detailed their plans not only for the rest of 2009 but all the way through to July 2010 — although we suspect they will still have a few surprises.

fow-small-pine-woodThe focus is on airborne operations and Operation Market-Garden in particular. Also of note are the new hill and forest sets, new spray paint, a new Eastern Front book, four river expansion boxes, and the Vietnam releases.

fow-abridgetoofar-coverWargames Illustrated 268 will feature Operation Market-Garden. February 2010 sees the release of the A Bridge Too Far book. In April we should get Firestorm – Market Garden to pull all the new material together.

fow-Firestorm-Market-Garden-coverMid year, Battlefront changes gears and a new late war Italy book will be out followed by the first of the early war releases including the first early war army book.

It is going to be a great, but expensive, year for Flames of War fans.

Flames Of War Vietnam — The Battle for Ia Drang

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fow-huey-gunshipWell Battlefront has certainly done something very different. In issue 266 of Wargames Illustrated they are including a complete set of rules to fight a Vietnam battle (the Battle of Ia Drang). Not content to leave it at that they have also produced a complete set of miniatures for the game including Huey helicopters, U.S. Airmobile troops, and North Vietnamese PVAN troops (plus decals and markers). The new WI site has a nice set of photos of the new miniatures and Design Notes.

fow-WI266-CoverThis should make for a very interesting diversion for Flames of War fans. Now if only they’d get going on FoW Korean War!

[Updated: 27NOV09]

New Flames of War Army Kit Bag

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Army Kit Bag

Well the blokes at Battlefront have been chatting with the gents over at Battlefoam and have devised a unique transport bag for Flames of War. The new bag, named the Army Kit Bag, is very similar to the Sabol Mark II bag but with even easier access and more pockets.  The bag is in the Battlefoam green fabric with their normal rigid construction and looks very nice. What is really interesting is the unique foam included with it that is specially designed for your Flames of War figures. It holds six trays of foam. The bag will be available in December 2009. This could be a must get for FoW fans.

Battlefoam now has a video detailing the bag. It looks very nice indeed.

[Updated: 12NOV09]

Hell’s Highway Coming Soon!

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fow-hh-coverWhen Flames of War first came on the scene there were three things we could not wait to see: D-Day, Operation Market-Garden, and the Battle of the Bulge. Well we got D-Day and now the first Market-Garden book, Hell’s Highway, is almost ready. Battlefront recently posted their Hell’s Highway design notes. Still no word on the Bulge though….