The D6 Generation — Lost Chapters

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Russ from The D6 Generation podcast posted their first Lost Chapters episode. The one hour show covers their first Deathwatch game and is available for $1.00 via either Ambling Books or Payloadz. Unfortunately neither option provides a simple one-click purchase and download but we tried it via Payloadz and as long as you already have a PayPal account it is pretty straightforward. They also have a special Wives Attack segment and Battlestar Galactica Review available for purchase.

Note, if you decide to purchase via Ambling Books you are essentially getting a version that can only be played via that application/service. With Payloadz you get a straight .mp3 file that you can play on anything.

The whole Lost Chapters idea is a way for the D6 Generation to generate a little bit of income, provide more content and could perhaps lead them to do a few things they might not otherwise do. After all, they only have so much time and spending it on something they get nothing in return for beyond praise can only be sustained for so long. If you enjoy the D6 Generation be sure to grab a few Lost Chapters or throw them some support in another form. These guys really do a great job.

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Point 2 Point Episode 43 — Now Available

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Jason White, of the board wargaming podcast Point 2 Point, made a New Year’s resolution to produce a show every month in 2011. To achieve this he may need to do a lot of the shows without his co-host Scott. Episode 43 is his first effort of the year and he does a great job. We’ll ignore his digs on Conflict of Heroes and chalk it up to stress! They are currently having trouble with their main site so Jason is posting on the ConsimWorld blogs.

Jason flies solo for this new episode of P2P. He talks about a number of games including: Hellenes, Hearts and Minds, Command and Colors Ancients, Combat Commander Pacific, and Asia Engulfed, among others. He also gives his current top ten list and his hot ten list. He introduces some new segments, including a pre-order of the month. This month he focuses on GMT’s first design in the Fighting Formations series, a game focused on the Grossdeutschland Division. After the credits, you are welcome to stay tuned for an “Extra Point,” a non-gaming segment that will appear from time to time after the credits.

Top Picks — Updated

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PodcastWe updated our Top Picks. We made a number of changes to replace what had become dead games. We also added a podcast section for the first time.

Gaming related podcasts have become a great way to stay in touch with the hobby and provide an especially good resource for miniature gamers to have some hobby related content to listen to while modeling. We have always listed podcasts in our links section but we thought we’d highlight the best of the best.

Our first two inaugural choices were easy picks. Both are outstanding podcasts that provide excellent coverage of their selected topics and solid entertainment value. We hope you give them a listen.

Spartan Games Interview

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Spartan Games
Spartan Games

The D6 Generation has a great follow-up to their excellent Dystopian Wars review. They have an engaging interview with Neil Fawcett, owner of Spartan Games. Unfortunately, Neil has a cold and his audio is not very good for the interview but it is well worth the effort to listen. The D6G gang get Neil to spill the beans on a wide range of topics including the production process for the creation of the fantastic Spartan Games’ miniatures as well as news on upcoming products. Neil mentions, among other things:

  • That there will be 40 new ship miniatures for Firestorm Armada in 2011 along with a host of new alliance races.
  • They have 168 miniatures already designed for their upcoming Invasion ground combat game — but gave no release date.
  • He said that they have a full 2011 release plan already in place for Dystopian Wars and if you like what you’ve seen so far you’ll be ecstatic about what they will have later in the year.
  • Spartan will also release new tank combat rules for DW as a free download.
  • Lastly, he even mentions they have scaled down some Firestorm Armada minis to about 50% their normal size for testing with a large fleet level combat game.

Forward to 1:30 into the show to get right to the interview.

On a different note, the guys from The D6 Generation also announced they will be producing ‘less for more’ soon. This is a great idea they have to produce additional paid content downloads in between their normal shows. The new downloads will be shorter segments at a cost of just .99 cents. These guys do a great job and deserve some financial support so hopefully folks will grab these even just as a token of appreciation to the guys for all of their hard work. The main show will remain free.

Battles of Westeros — Review

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Battles of WesterosThe D6 Generation does it again! They have an excellent review of Fantasy Flight Games’ new Battles of Westeros board game. If you are not familiar with the title, it is a medieval fantasy, tactical wargame using a modification of the BattleLore system. It takes place in the world of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire). Forward to 2hr 32mins into the podcast to get right to the review.

It is a testament to the strength of this game that it is literally the first fantasy game we have ever purchased. Of course Game of Thrones is much more medieval fiction than it is fantasy and this emphasis comes across very well in the game. The D6G gang do a great job covering the game in their review.

FFG have the Battles of Westeros rulebook available for download as a PDF. They also have a FAQ and a scenario.

But a great review was not enough for the D6G. No, they also interviewed the game’s designer, Robert Kouba. It is an interesting and informative interview overall and if you like, you know, designer input, you’ll really, like, you know, enjoy it (listen and you’ll see what we mean!). Forward to 58min into the show to get to the interview with Rob.

[Updated: 25JAN11]

Epic: Armageddon — Review

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Epic RulebookThe D6 Generation gang have done a great review of the classic Epic: Armageddon. We agree with their review and Russ’ conclusion that Epic: Armageddon is a great game marred by lack of support and a lack of miniatures. But if you don’t mind doing some work you will find Epic: Armageddon worth the effort. It is still one of the best games for a sci-fi invasion or larger grand-tactical conflict. Fast forward to 2hr 38min into the show to get right to the review.

Craig mentions the excellent Epic: Armageddon Handbook 2008 from the TacticalWargames.net site. It is essentially the official rulebook with all errata (as of 2008) integrated into it. Also the original Epic: Armageddon rules and army lists are available, for free, from GW directly. NetEpic is the fan produced version of the early Epic V2 rules (this is basically a different game from Epic: Armageddon).

The World’s End Radio podcast also has an excellent review of Epic in their Episode #48 – Epic WIN. Forward to 0:47:31 to get right to it.

We like to use Litko Aero’s Small Artillery Strike Markers and Blast Markers for blast markers and the Mini Smoke Markers or Small Flaming Wreckage as destroyed markers.

[Updated: 23JAN11]

Firestorm Armada — Review

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Firestorm Armada

Well the fellows over at the D6 Generation wasted no time and have done an outstanding review of the new Firestorm Armada sci-fi ship combat miniatures game by Spartan Games. Forward to 2hr 24min into the podcast to get right to the review.

We agree with the D6G overall that Firestorm Armada has the potential to be an outstanding game. The only real negative we have seen so far in the game is that there seems to be no allowance for disparate fleets. To keep a solid balance the six fleets currently in the game all have a similar balance of support ships, capital ships, and carriers. None of the fleets focus heavily in one area such as smaller ships, wings, or large capital ships. We have not tried playing a disparate scenario yet so it is possible the system can handle it, but we suspect such a game would be considerably unbalanced. A race would probably need to be designed from the ground up to make such a unique composition balanced with the existing fleets.

If you have even the slightest interest in sci-fi ship combat give Firestorm Armada a look.

Also see Firestorm Armada — First Impressions and Spartan Games Interview.

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