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DakkaDakka Up for Auction

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And you are charged to pass the lamp of knowledge onto those who follow after…

Ten years. It’s been ten years since I first launched as a site initially dedicated to simply tracking the league activities of a small group of 40k players in New England. Over that time, it has grown into something much bigger. It is now a worldwide, online community of miniature gamers that share their ideas and opinions, and a place where small businesses involved in the hobby can share their new business ventures with the gaming community.

I’m very proud to have been involved with Dakka and am thrilled with the opportunities it has provided. Through the Dakka fan community I’ve been able to see elements of the miniature gaming hobby and industry from a wide variety of angles that I’d otherwise never have experienced. Dakka Dakka has always been a labor of love, and it is nice to see that effort appreciated by fans and miniature gaming industry leaders alike. Read the rest of this entry »

Aeronautica Imperialis — Chaos Harbinger

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ForgeWorld just announced a new model for Aeronautica Imperialis, the Chaos Harbinger. It is a huge heavy bomber designed to level cities and engulf them in a sea of incendiary fire. The model is very large at 17cm long and just over 11cm wide, which makes it comparable in scale to a Tau Manta.

ForgeWorld has released experimental rules for using the Harbinger in your games of AI. [Update: Tactica Aeronautica includes the official rules.]

The Harbinger is available to pre-order now for release the week of July 2nd.

Carriers at War Now Available

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Well with no pre-announcement or fanfare Matrix Games now has Carriers at War available for purchase. You can order the game by mail or download it directly for $49.99. Carriers at War is a computer wargame of WW2 fleet carrier air and naval operations in the Pacific theater from 1941 to 1945.

See the review.

Coral Sea — An After Action Report

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Matrix Games recently posted an after action report on their upcoming Carriers at War naval game. It is a few pages long and includes screen shots of the game in action.

Jutland Annoucement

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Well some more good news on the naval front.

Storm Eagle Studios is proud to announce JUTLAND, the 2nd installment utilizing our ground breaking Distant Guns 3D Combat Engine!

Set in the treacherous waters of the 1916 North Sea, JUTLAND delivers the most detailed World War One naval experience ever released for PC Wargaming!

In addition to covering the largest clash of Battleships in history, current plans for JUTLAND include many additional North Sea battles and the huge 1916 North Sea Naval Campaign pitting Kaiser Wilhelm’s glorious Dreadnaught Fleet against Britain’s finest.

CEO of Storm Eagle Studios, Jim Rose, said “JUTLAND is the natural next step for the Distant Guns 3D engine. The success of our award winning debut title, DISTANT GUNS, yielded a solid 3D code base for JUTLAND to expand and build upon. Sixteen (16) mile ranges, improved fire control, and the first modern naval architecture are just a few reasons that we are excited about it! Norm Koger, our Chief Technology Officer, has raised the bar again. Our development team continues to deliver an amazing consistency of detail and game experience.”

Projected Release Date: Fall 2007

See a preview of Jutland.

Victory at Sea — Another View

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John and Dan from the All About Miniatures podcast review Mongoose’s Victory at Sea ruleset on their latest show, episode 8. They also compiled some suggestions for increasing realism in the game and provide some useful quick reference sheets. Of course do not miss our own review that also includes an example of combat.

Aeronautica Imperialis — Space Marine Transporter

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Forge World released two new units for Aeronautica Imperialis. The new Space Marine Transporter comes in two versions: One carrying two Rhinos or one with a single Land Raider.

Victory at Sea — Coastal Forces

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Mongoose just released rules for Coastal Forces for VaS in Signs & Portents Issue 42. It is five pages of rules and stats for all nations giving players Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs), Motor Gun Boats (MGBs), PT Boats, and MAS craft. Also included are a few trawlers and landing craft. Issue 42 also has part III of the Kriegsmarine Z-Plan ships.

AT-43 — Advanced Rules Available for Download

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The free PDF of the AT-43 Advanced Rules is now available for download.

The file is 37 pages long. The French version is 42 pages long but the disparity only seems to be from a difference in language and not content. The file only has the core rules of the game but includes the table of contents of the full rulebook. The full rules will be over 126 pages long and the free PDF includes pages 46-77 of those. So missing from the free PDF are: The histories of the UNA, Therians, Red Blok, and Karmans; Recruiting and Training; Let’s Play; Using the Terrain; and various appendices.

I have only had a chance to look quickly through the rules so far. But from what I have seen they look very interesting and only reinforce my regard for the game. Hopefully I can get some games in soon to put them to the real test.

This download was a very nice gesture by Rackham. Players will now be able to decide for themselves if they wish to purchase the printed rulebook or even if the game is worth pursuing at all. It would be nice if more game companies did this sort of thing.

[See our AT-43 Rules review.]