Combat Mission: Touch — Now Available!

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CM TouchWell iPad wargaming is finally here! First we get Battle Academy and now just announced and released Combat Mission: Touch for the iPad. It is a lighter version of the computer game but well done overall.

Combat Mission: Touch is the result of a collaboration between, the critically acclaimed creators of the genre defining Combat Mission series of wargames for now over 10 years, and Dromedary LLC. Using Combat Mission’s unique WeGo turn-based play mode of simultaneous planning and execution phases, and a vast 3D environment, it combines the fun of fast paced action with the strategy of turns. Make no mistake, fun as it is, “Combat Mission: Touch” is a true wargame, with a number of mind-blowing features that were available, until now, only on the desktop. More…

A quick update: I’ve gotten in a few goes at two scenarios with it now and have gotten waxed by the AI. See our Twitter posts for some screen shots. The game is not the full PC/Mac version of Combat Mission (unlike Battle Academy) but it is similar. Movement seems sped up a bit and the graphics are not as good but still quite good for a tablet. Seven scenarios are included and if the game does well enough I suspect we’ll see lots of add-on packs for those. If you like CM you will like this game. If you are new to wargaming or tactical combat games it is a very good place to start. The tutorial is well done and quite funny. Get out your War Finger!

Another quick update: The quality of the game certainly centers on the scenarios. The Crossroads scenario we enjoy a lot but the speed of the German advance makes it hinge on the American initial setup. The Uncle Red Beach scenario disappointed us quite a bit and it is the first scenario in the game if one plays in order. The terrain is practically featureless. The tactical nuance comes from the folds in the ground. This is a strength of the PC/Mac game but on the iPad the slightly awkward map manipulation (and we are on the iPad3) and weaker graphics overall makes taking advantage of terrain more a nuisance than an enjoyable activity. Various bugs also became apparent with units getting hung up and there is an oddity at certain zoom levels where units suddenly bend over. We need more play but unit auto-reactions may be buggy as well but this may also simply be a line of site issue which, again, is more difficult on the iPad. The game is absolutely worth the $5 but it is also not a replacement for the desktop version of the game and probably needs some bug fixes.

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CM Touch Screenshot

CM Touch on iPad

[Updated: 13APR12]

4 thoughts on “Combat Mission: Touch — Now Available!

    LibRat said:
    02Apr12 at 1655

    No joy for those of us using the original iPad.

      tanker responded:
      02Apr12 at 1913

      Bummer, iTunes seems to say it’s ok with the original iPad but yeah Battlefront says 2&3 only. Perfect excuse to upgrade!

    Michael Dorosh said:
    03Apr12 at 0800

    When does the debate start on what constitutes “wargaming”? I’m still trying to figure out what “World of Tanks” on the PC classifies as.

      tanker responded:
      03Apr12 at 1931

      Not really a debate worth having we think. All wargamers have a different definition and one can even see that change over the past 20 years. For us here a wargame is simply any game that makes a reasonable attempt at recreating/simulating a historical (or futuristic) conflict. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying simply fun games with a military theme.

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