Combat Mission Battle for Normandy — Coming Soon!

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CM Normandy - announced they are working on a WW2 version of their updated Combat Mission engine, Combat Mission Battle for Normandy. The original Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord was our favorite tactical computer wargame of all time and has been on our Top Picks since the start. It is a WW2 tactical level combat game with squad/team units and individual vehicles and guns. When it first released it was the first hardcore wargame to use 3D graphics. The new Battle for Normandy brings WW2 gaming up to the level of their modern combat CM versions. This includes enhanced options, better AI, improved graphics, and much more. It also means pausable real-time action. We have never liked the real-time play option because even though you can pause to give orders you still can’t be in two places at once so you sometimes miss out on the action. The current modern titles still have the original YouGo/IGo play as an option so hopefully that will remain in Battle for Normandy.

Building upon the legacy started 10 years ago with the release of the ground smashing Combat Mission Beyond Overlord, CM:BN incorporates years of experience and customer suggestions to produce what we think is the most genuine and enjoyable simulation of tactical ground warfare of World War Two. CM:BN is based on the extremely powerful proprietary CMx2 engine – the foundation for which was laid with the Combat Mission Shock Force series of Modern tactical warfare games. The CMx2 game engine is now in its 4th year of improvements and expansions, not the least of which are the host of brand new features necessary to simulate WW2 warfare in a temperate climate.

They have a great after action report posted from the viewpoints of both the American and German players.

If you are new to the series and want to check it out also sells an update to their CM:Afrika Korps game that allows it to run on modern Vista/Windows 7 machines, and it is still a great game even after all these years and well worth getting if you have an interest in the topic.

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    […] forces, both the American and German organizations differ significantly from those familiar to Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy players. Some of the highlights are elite formations such […]

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