The Best Games Not Yet Published – 2011

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Another new year and new games and miniatures to lust after! Once again we present our annual look at the games and miniatures we are most anxiously awaiting in 2011. Our 2010 prognostications did well. As always, there is no guarantee any of these titles will be published in 2011, nor that they will be any good if they are, but we are always optimistic.

Miniature Games

  • D-DayFlames of War [Battlefront] – 2011 is already looking to be a big year for FoW fans. The recent D-Day compilation along with upcoming Normandy-related boxed releases set the stage for some great hedgerow battles in 2011. BF has already announced a large number of items for the coming year including new pre-painted MG and AT bunkers. The Early War line will continue to expand with a new North Africa army book due soon. Italy will see a late war book as well. One 2001 rumor is that we will finally see some Bulge material. Battlefront will certainly have more surprises in store for us in 2011!
  • Firestorm: Armada [Spartan Games] – Spartan announced 40 new ships, additional alliance races, new books and fleet specific card decks for 2011. Warm up that credit card!
  • Dystopian Wars [Spartan Games] – A surprise hit for the 2010 holiday season. Dystopian Wars is an innovative and fun miniatures game that covers land, sea, and air combat in an alternate steampunk Earth. It will see major expansion in 2011.Prussian CV
  • Invasion [Spartan Games] – Invasion is the upcoming sci-fi ground combat game from Spartan Games set in the world of Firestorm Armada. It will feature massive planetary assaults in the spirit of Epic. Spartan previewed some early miniatures for the game and announced they have over 160 models for the first six races identified but have not confirmed whether they will release the game in 2011 or not. Our bet is we will see it in the summer.
  • Incursion [Grindhouse Games] – Grindhouse’s ‘weird war’ version of Space Hulk and Wolfenstein 3D set in an alternate WW2 universe will see some expansion in 2011. There will almost certainly be some new miniatures as well.
  • WH40K [Games Workshop] – 2010 was a good year for 40K. 2011 will see the new Dark Eldar range expand as well as the release of the new Grey Knights.
  • WH40K Forge World – FW continues to make great stuff and Imperial Armor Vol 10 and 11 should come out in 2011. We are declaring Aeronautica Imperialis dead as far as new items go, which is a shame as it is a fun game.
  • Warhammer Historical – They caused a stir with their new 28mm WW2 skirmish game demo. They did not get this out in 2010, maybe 2011?

    Dragamaa Tank
    Dragamaa Tank
  • 15mm Sci-FiGround Zero Games, Critical Mass Games, Rebel Minis, and Khurasan Miniatures all released outstanding 15mm sci-fi minis in 2010. 2011 should see all their ranges continue to expand. Now if we could only find a set of rules we like to use with them. Where is FoW in space?!

Board Games

Computer Games

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    inrepose said:
    13Jan11 at 0629

    Flames of War in space? :) Shameless plug!

    […] we have noted in our annual Best Games Not Yet Published, Critical Mass Games, Ground Zero Games, Rebel Minis and Khurasan Miniatures have all been […]

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