New Firestorm Armada Ships Available

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Dindrenzi GunshipSpartan Games has released a number of new ships for Firestorm Armada. Each race gets a new specialty ship and a new faction, the Marauder Fleet, is available now (but no rules/stats yet). There are Sorylian Torpedo Shipstats for the other new ships.

The new ships are the first to come from Spartan’s new tooling where they have reduced the parts count for each ship. Most are now single piece castings or only two or three pieces at most. The large Marauder ship, the Buccaneer, is resin with a metal ring and the small Corvettes are all metal. The other ships are all single piece resin. They are all extremely well cast, very detailed and are basically the best sci-fi ship miniatures currently available.

Also see Firestorm Armada Kurak Alliance.

[Updated: 8NOV10]

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