Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg — Now Available

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Decisive Campaigns: BlitzkriegMatrix Games has released a new WW2 operational-level computer wargame, Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris. Decisive Campaigns simulates Germany’s invasion of Poland and France in 1939 and 1940 (and also includes a hypothetical “Sea Lion” invasion of Great Britain). The game looks very good and covers battles that are not often seen in wargames. If you like operational level games give it a look.Decisive Campaigns Blitzkrieg Screenshot

The Wargamer has an after action review of Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris and also some designer’s notes.

There is a small (15.8MB) version 1.04d patch available. The designer, Victor Reijkersz, has made high resolution versions of the maps available for use in planning, etc.

[Updated: 18JAN11]


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    […] on the German’s 1942 drive towards Stalingrad in Russia. It is a follow-on to the well done Decisive Campaigns: Blitzkrieg Warsaw to Paris. It is the summer of 1942 on the Eastern Front, and Case Blue is about to begin. The German […]

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