Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem — Now Available

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Last Stand ArnhemMatrix Games has released Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem. Last Stand Arnhem is a computer wargame covering Operation Market Garden in WW2. It is a remake of the original Close Combat – A Bridge Too Far from Atomic Games. Besides being able to run on modern operating systems at higher resolutions a number of new features have been added to the game. Close Combat – A Bridge Too Far was always our favorite title in the original Close Combat series so this game will be a must get for fans of Market Garden and the original series.

Last Stand ArnhemWhile the new improvements certainly make the game better than the original, the newly remade titles in general still suffer from a number of the issues of the original series: Troops die too quickly, pathfinding is poor, terrain effects often seem minimal, the AI is not very good on attack and you sometimes get the feeling you are watching the game not playing it. But they are still generally fun to play and the new campaign mode adds needed depth.

The Wargamer has a nice overview of the new features in Last Stand Arnhem.


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