Colonial Battlefleet Core Rules — Now Available

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Colonial BattlefleetSteel Dreadnought Games, makers of the fine Naval Thunder WW2 naval rules, has released a new set of sci-fi spaceship combat rules entitled Colonial Battlefleet. We have not seen them yet but they sound interesting. SDG provides some nice details of the game. Like all of their products the rules are available as a downloadable PDF.

Colonial Battlefleet features easy to learn rules and exciting game play with minimal time spent waiting between turns. Shooting and damage resolution is easy and yields plenty of carnage. Best of all, Colonial Battlefleet is not a “luck of the dice” game. Although the rules are very straightforward, the game offers tremendous tactical depth and your command skills will be put to the test! There are no cumbersome or complicated systems to slow down play. All your attention will be focused on outmaneuvering and outwitting your opponent – not trying to remember rules.

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