War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition — Released

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War in the Pacific

Matrix Games quietly released the War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition computer wargame. This is a sequel to the original War in the Pacific with numerous improvements.

Matrix Games, 2by3 Games (www.2by3games.com) and Henderson Field Designs are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated sequel to the legendary wargame War in the Pacific is now available!  Many additional man-years of development from a dedicated and experienced team including subject matter experts and experienced programmers has resulted in an improved War in the Pacific experience across the board. This is the entire War in the Pacific down to individual aircraft, vehicles, ships, guns and squads – more than just a game, it’s an encyclopedia of the war compiled from many sources to an unmatched level of detail. Add in a much improved AI and more secure PBEM play and you have the makings of a new classic!

One thought on “War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition — Released

    windpeoples said:
    14Aug09 at 1059

    The best effort to portray WWII in the Pacific Theater in a historical manner so far. Most definitely not for the faint of heart or the casual gamer, this game (or simulation, if you prefer) has a steep learning curve (and that is an understatement). I know, I know… that has been said about many a game, but let me put it this way: I had played WitP for years, had read the 332-page manual in its entirety, re-reading some sections several times and, when I played the Coral Sea scenario the first time (the introductory scenario), I was handed my posterior in a coffin by a VERY agressive AI. I was impressed.

    This game will take years to master, and there are already some alternate scenarios and mods in the works, but if you take the time to study (yes, STUDY… taking notes, asking questions, looking at reinforcements queues, comparing plane stats, etc.) and persevere, this may be the most bang for your buck you will ever get. WitP was released five years ago, I bought it as soon as it came out, and I won my last PBEM game yesterday. And AE seems like it is going the same way… YEARS of play.

    So, if you are interested, drop by at http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tt.asp?forumid=528 (the game’s forum at Matrix), take a look around, and ask. You will not be disappointed.

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