Planetary Empires Sneak Peek

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Planetary Empires Ad
Planetary Empires Ad

The latest French edition of White Dwarf included an ad for the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 campaign system, Planetary Empires. The ad announces that the Planetary Empires box game will include 48 plastic hexes that are compatible with the Mighty Empires hexes. The hexes will also be available separately from GW in some form. You can combine the two games if you wish to form campaigns that span the ages. Also included are short, simple campaign rules designed by Jervis Johnson but they also encourage players to make up their own. The system is designed for use with Warhammer 40K as well as Epic.

From the included photo of the hexes it looks like players are going to want to buy Might Empires as well, or some of the hexes, if they want mountain, forest, or river hexes but this remains to be seen. Overall it should be an interesting product.

GW has released Strategy Cards for use with PE as well as a nice article on painting your tiles.

[Updated: 20AUG09]


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