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coh-stormsofsteel-coverCertainly one of the more frequent questions we hear is, “What is the best game in….” Well to help answer that we created a new page entitled Top Picks.

ogre-gev-coverHere we have listed what we think are the best games available across a range of genres. We think all of these games provide exceptional play and are well worth your time and money. We will complete the list over the coming weeks and keep it updated as necessary. In general, it should remain relatively static as it should take some time for a new game to prove itself worthy for inclusion on the list. There will be exceptions of course but most of these games have proven solid year after year. Of course games go out of print all too frequently these days and we do not want a list full of great titles you cannot get either.

We all get excited by new stuff but it is sometimes useful to step back and revisit some of the classic titles, both old and new. Enjoy!

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