Space Hulk Returns?!

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Well Bell of Lost Souls dropped a bombshell! They have a rumor that a completely redone Space Hulk game will be released by Games Workshop sometime around September 2009. The game would include new plastic Terminators, probably the same as those in Assault on Black Reach (and maybe the Genestealers from Battle for Macragge?). They do indicate that the rumor is certainly shaky but Space Hulk is one of our all time favorite games so we will take what we can get!

UPDATE: The rumors are true, Space Hulk is back but only in a limited release.

[Updated: 17AUG09]

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    […] Leave a Comment  Well it turns out the Games Workshop’s ‘Mystery Box’ and Space Hulk ‘2009′ rumors were one in the same. This is great news for Space Hulk fans. Unfortunately it is only a limited […]

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