Combat Mission: Shock Force – Britsh Forces Announced

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Battlefront announced a new upcoming expansion for Combat Mission: Shock Force. is thrilled to announce Combat Mission Shock Force – BRITISH FORCES. British Forces is the next Module in’s Combat Mission Shock Force series of modern warfare tactical simulations.

Britain fields one of the most powerful armed forces in the world today, which Combat Mission fans will soon experience for themselves. The full range of British weaponry is brought to life with the same amazing level of detail found in the previous Combat Mission titles.

Everything from the new version of the L85A2 rifle to the Challenger 2 with all the latest upgrades is included in order to give a full accounting of the capabilities of the modern British Army. Play with them on their own or as part of multi-national joint task forces using any of Shock Forces’ other units. As with the MARINES Module, all new scenarios and a campaign are included for exciting play right out of the box, before digging in and using the powerful editor or sharing scenarios with other Shock Force gamers. New voices (multiple accents), sound effects, and game features round out the game experience. Oh, and of course some great surprises which will be revealed as the release date nears!

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