AT-43 — Cold Toad

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Winter Fire ToadRackham released a new U.N.A. Fire Toad for AT-43. Differing from the original releases (MKs 02 and 03) of the Fire Toad this one replaces the shipping container with all three weapon options (Light Laser Cannons, Light MGs, and Light Grenade Launcher). Also included are eight unit cards (one leader and one troop for each of the patterns; Fire Toad, Light Prince, Iron Rain, and Lancelot). In addition, the Fire Toad is now painted in the new Operation: Frostbite ‘winter’ scheme similar to the new Shock TacArms. It is a medium gray finish with an off-white splinter pattern. Overall it is very attractive and there are numerous details picked out and markings on the vehicle. Additionally, both the Light Laser Cannons and the Light MGs have the winter pattern as well but not the Light Grenade Launchers.

Overall, the Fire Toad looks good in the new scheme and the weapon options are a welcomed addition.

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