Federation Commander: Battleships Attack — Review

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FedCom Battleships AttackFederation Commander: Battleships Attack is ADB’s latest expansion for Federation Commander. Similar to the previous expansions, it includes a couple of new map panels, asteroids in this case, some new ship cards and counters, and a handful of new rules and scenarios. What makes Battleships Attack unique is that ship cards are included for all of the races, including ones not seen in FC yet (such as the Lyrans and Hydrans). Moreover, the cards are also full 8 1/2″ x 11″ in size. Considering table clutter, normally bigger would not necessarily be better, but with the huge number of weapons, systems, and shields on the various battleships it is a very welcome change.

The included asteroid map panels are very uninspired (they are the same basic design as those in Romulan Attack but have a different pattern). Instead of nice asteroid graphics you get gray hexes for the asteroids. The rational is that ship counters/minis would cover the graphics but the gray can be more easily seen during play. Perhaps but they are still ugly. Nice 1″ asteroid counters (and a multi-counter comet) are included but they do not make the panels any less ugly. The included ship cards are great and extra large (as previously mentioned). In addition to the battleships, a full squadron-scale starbase is also included so your battleships have a worthy target to attack. The included rules are simply for asteroids and the comet. Any space ‘terrain’ is always welcome and these should add considerably to the tactical challenges of new scenarios, especially if you do not already have Romulan Attacks. Lastly FC:BA includes eleven scenarios that feature battleships.

Federation Commander: Battleships Attack is perhaps the most interesting expansion of the series so far because it adds more than simply new races and new ships. There is a little bit for everyone in this package and the battleships really do add a bit of a twist to the game. Besides, anything with the Klingon B-10 in it is a must get!

Note: Boosters #16, #17, and #18 provide new dreadnoughts on the regular sized cards.

Also see our review of Line of Battle.


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