The Best Games Not Yet Published, 2007

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With the New Year upon us we thought it might be interesting to present the games we are most anxiously awaiting in 2007. There is no guarantee any of these will be published in 2007, nor that they will be any good if they are, but we are ever hopeful.

Miniature Games

    • AT-43 [Rackham] – We like what we have seen so far. Lots of items scheduled already including the complete rulebook due in March. Bring it on!
    • Flames of War [Battlefront] – They will be releasing their late-war stuff throughout the year. Normandy is next. Maybe we will finally see a remastered M4A3E8?!
    • WH40K [Games Workshop] – What is notable here is that there is nothing to note. Not a single thing of interest, which we know of yet, for 2007.
    • WH40K Forge World – In contrast to GW itself, FW keeps releasing stuff that threatens to destroy our gaming budget. The Death Korps of Krieg stuff all looks great, Imperial Armor Vol 5 will be a must get, and anything for Aeronautica Imperialis will be welcome.

    Board Games

    • Tide of Iron [Fantasy Flight Games] – An easy tactical WW2 game with nice looking miniatures. This is a cross between Memoir 44 and Squad Leader. The ToI site has a great intro video available that gives you a taste of the game play. Release date has been pushed to April.
    • Devil’s Cauldron [Multiman Publishing] – The Devil’s Cauldron is the first in a new series of games that will recapture the great battles of World War Two on a grand scale. Market-Garden is one of our favorite battles so we have to get this one.
    • ASL Starter Kit #3 [Multiman Publishing] – Tanks at last! ASL Starter Kit #3 continues the introductory tour into Advanced Squad Leader. Tanks and Armored Cars give players new to ASL plenty to learn while offering ASL grognards new scenarios, maps, and hopefully new opponents!
    • Panzerblitz: Hill of Death [Multiman Publishing] – Panzer Leader, the immediate successor to PB, was the second wargame we ever played. We are excited to see this veteran remade. “The return of the tactical game which started it all, Panzerblitz: Hill of Death is a historical module simulating the fight in Normandy for Hill 112. This is not the Panzerblitz of the 70’s, but rather a modernized system which uses many of the core concepts of Panzerblitz while removing some of the gameyness of the original system.”
    • FAB Bulge [GMT Games] – The Fast Action Battle Series – Volume 1: The Bulge game uses the block format to bring you the Battle of the Bulge from December 16th through December 27th.
    • Combat Commander: Volume II – Mediterranean [GMT Games] – Not sure if this will make it this year but we like the new Combat Commander: Vol I. CC:M adds three new “nationalities” to Combat Commander: Britain & the Commonwealth, France & the Allied Minors, and Italy & the Axis Minors.

    Computer Games

    Also see our Best Games Not Yet Published, 2008.

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