Jutland Annoucement

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Well some more good news on the naval front.

Storm Eagle Studios is proud to announce JUTLAND, the 2nd installment utilizing our ground breaking Distant Guns 3D Combat Engine!

Set in the treacherous waters of the 1916 North Sea, JUTLAND delivers the most detailed World War One naval experience ever released for PC Wargaming!

In addition to covering the largest clash of Battleships in history, current plans for JUTLAND include many additional North Sea battles and the huge 1916 North Sea Naval Campaign pitting Kaiser Wilhelm’s glorious Dreadnaught Fleet against Britain’s finest.

CEO of Storm Eagle Studios, Jim Rose, said “JUTLAND is the natural next step for the Distant Guns 3D engine. The success of our award winning debut title, DISTANT GUNS, yielded a solid 3D code base for JUTLAND to expand and build upon. Sixteen (16) mile ranges, improved fire control, and the first modern naval architecture are just a few reasons that we are excited about it! Norm Koger, our Chief Technology Officer, has raised the bar again. Our development team continues to deliver an amazing consistency of detail and game experience.”

Projected Release Date: Fall 2007

See a preview of Jutland.

AT-43 — The Third Wave

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The third round of AT-43 releases is available. This includes a number of new models for both the Therians and the UNA.

The Therians finally get some new striders. First is a new Golgoth, the Wraith Golgoth 03, which is also known as the ‘red Wraith’. The model is identical to the 02 model and the one from the OD set. What makes it different is that it has deep red spray on the top, slightly different markings, and also comes with a second medium sonic cannon for the right side. I am not sure if the weapon selection is random or not (there is a card for an ‘Incubus Golgoth’ with dual medium nucleus cannons). The other slight difference from the previous Golgoths is that this one has the front legs mounted closer in. Personally I do not think this looks as good but you could easily snip them off the base and reposition them because the legs move freely within their main body mount. Also slightly different with this entire set of Therian releases is that the ‘faces’ are now painted white instead of the cream color of previous releases. I think this looks less creepy. Lastly the model also comes with a dark gray storage container and four unit cards. Read the rest of this entry »

Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #3 — First Look

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ASLSK#3ASL Starter Kit #3 from Multi-Man Publishing is now available. As the name suggests, it is the third — and I believe final — game in the introductory line of Advanced Squad Leader games. ASL is generally considered the premiere wargame of WW2 tactical combat. ASL also has one of the largest and most complex set of rules of any wargame. The Starter Kits were designed to ease players up to the full ASL rules. They have generally succeeded better than anyone anticipated. Read the rest of this entry »

Victory at Sea — Another View

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John and Dan from the All About Miniatures podcast review Mongoose’s Victory at Sea ruleset on their latest show, episode 8. They also compiled some suggestions for increasing realism in the game and provide some useful quick reference sheets. Of course do not miss our own review that also includes an example of combat.

AT-43 – The Second Wave

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The second round of AT-43 releases are generally available now. This round includes the Accessory: Expansion Set 1, the Therian Bane goliaths, the U.N.A. Steel TacArms, Fire Toad MK.02, and Fire Toad MK.03.

The Therian Bane goliaths are the first of the new Therian infantry units. The Bane goliath ships three to a box and includes two unit cards although neither has a leadership value. One figure has a removable back plug that can be swapped with the leader back plug. All the figures are armed with dual nucleus guns. It is a well done figure overall and very large. They are on the same sized base as a Games Workshop Terminator but quite a bit larger. Overall it is an imposing figure especially when next to a Steel Trooper. The paint job is more like the original OD paint scheme than the newer golems. It is black with an orange wash and very dark gray highlights. The face is painted in a cream color and the various blades are touched with silver. Overall the paint job looks quite good. My only complaint with the Bane goliath is that it is rather bendy compared to the other figures. This is good for durability but a number of the figures we got were misshapen in various ways. See our article on how to straighten out your figures. The paint quality does vary from box to box and figure to figure so if you buy them in a store be sure to look through all the boxes and choose which ones you like best. Read the rest of this entry »

AT-43 — How to Straighten Out Your Figures

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AT-43 miniatures are, for the most part, well cast, but the plastic used is slightly soft especially on the Therian units. The side effect is the occasional misshapen figure. Bent appendages are especially common on Therian figures. Luckily this situation is an easy one to rectify. All you need to do is put your figure, or the part you are trying to reshape, into warm water. Start with lukewarm water and get hotter to see what works best for you. After about 10-30 seconds in the water pull the figure out and you will be able to reshape it easily. Then simply run it under some cool water so it stays that way.

In the case of the Therian Bane goliath simply drop the entire figure into warm tap water. When you pull it out you should be able to reposition the entire figure’s stance as well as the position of the one free leg and also easily straighten out any bent arms, guns, or blades. This trick works great on all figures, such as the laser guns on the UNA TacArms, but the Bane goliath seems to need the most work.

In general the AT-43 figures seem very sensitive to heat and should be kept in moderate temperatures. I would not recommend leaving them in a hot car especially if you live somewhere like Arizona. But if your figures do become bent you can easily fix them.

This trick also helps with removable heads, arms, and torsos for replacing with the various option parts.

15mm Pre-Painted Buildings — A Few Choices

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We recently picked up some new pre-painted 15mm buildings.

The 15mm buildings from The Miniature Building Authority are part of the EuroVillage series. They have a number of designs including a new apartment building and factory. We got the Townhouse rows. The buildings are cast in something that feels like a ceramic but is probably not. The molding and detailing is crisp and clean. The painting is also well done and should be acceptable to all but the most discriminating painters. All the buildings have a nice feature where you can take the top off and it leaves a ‘ruined’ bottom half. This is great for destroyed areas or just for access to the interior. The only problem is, at least with the Townhouse Row, the inside is too small to fit a regular infantry stand for Flames of War. Smaller stands, including FoW leader stands, fit fine. Read the rest of this entry »

Victory at Sea — FAQ

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Mongoose Publishing released an official FAQ for VaS. It is two pages and contains a few clarifications and some errata for IJN destroyers.

Aeronautica Imperialis — Space Marine Transporter

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Forge World released two new units for Aeronautica Imperialis. The new Space Marine Transporter comes in two versions: One carrying two Rhinos or one with a single Land Raider.

Victory at Sea — Coastal Forces

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Mongoose just released rules for Coastal Forces for VaS in Signs & Portents Issue 42. It is five pages of rules and stats for all nations giving players Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs), Motor Gun Boats (MGBs), PT Boats, and MAS craft. Also included are a few trawlers and landing craft. Issue 42 also has part III of the Kriegsmarine Z-Plan ships.