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FOW-LogoSome interesting news from Battlefront on Flames of War.

Early War, what’s the plan?

As JP has previously mentioned work is underway, and we are aiming to release the three primary sourcebooks over the next 4 years. The first book will focus on the German invasion of Poland and France. The second book will cover the Africa campaign. The third book will cover the war in the east. Read the rest of this entry »

New 15mm Buildings and Terrain from Battlefront

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Tabletop Gaming News had an exciting bit of…well…news that we do not think got as much attention as it deserved. Buried in their Battlefront GF9/WI purchase questions article was the following great news (highlights, edits and links added by us),

…will GF9 be working on new Flames of War terrain products and will we see an increase in the number of terrain products that GF9 produce for FoW?

Oh yes indeed! Jason (Jason Buyaki, terrain builder extraordinaire) has been very busy for us and with a few products we did not manage to get out last year 2009 will be a bumper 15mm year. We have a complete range of painted European houses, three story (all interchangeable) buildings in 24 variants, 8 destroyed variants and a wonderful church. We have a new range of painted dug-in scenics, new river sections and roads for both town and country made in the same flexible rubber as our river set all in full painted ready to use state. In the last quarter we will have a selection of Market Garden items for the end of the year, which will likely include the Son bridge, a Bailey bridge and one end of Arnhem bridge to represent it on the board as the full thing takes up a little too much space on the gaming table.

Also see Flames of War Releases — 2010.

Firestorm-Bagration Delayed

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Battlefront’s new campaign game for Flames of War is going to be delayed until late February 2009. Firestorm is an interesting idea. It is sort of an Axis and Allies-looking game set on the Eastern front in WW2 during Operation Bagration (the 1944 Soviet offensive in Byelorussia). Its main purpose is to be a campaign game for FoW that will generate individual games of FoW. What is not clear is whether or not the game can be played stand-alone or not. Either way it is good news for German and Russian FoW players.

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