Victory at Sea — Bandits at Six O’Clock

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The latest edition of Mongoose Publishing’s Signs & Portents pdf magazine, issue 54 (now in a new combined format), has additional aircraft stats for their WW2 naval miniatures game Victory at Sea.

Nine pages of material add almost 300 aircraft to VaS. Much of this material consists of the ‘missing’ stats from the original work done for the Order of Battle expansion. Why it was not simply provided there is anyone’s guess but it is great to have it now. New rules are provided for level bombing and, finally, skip bombing! Oddly, rules for guided missiles, such as the German Hs293, are also included. Another mystery is the inclusion of the early jets, such as the P-80, F-86, and Mig-15. Perhaps this is a peek at what will be available in the modern version of the VaS rules? It does allow players to make-up some interesting Korean War scenarios.

Overall this is a very welcome addition to the VaS system and we finally get our B-25s!

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